When you are considering an extension to your home, there are a bunch of architectural considerations you need to take into account. These can include structural factors as well as legal requirements. Here, you will learn the nitty-gritty of architectural considerations that you need to make and how the architects in Brighton can help you out. 

Key factors you need to consider when planning an extension

Here, we have put into perspective the factors you need to consider when you are planning an extension.

Does it fit into the surrounding area?

When you are planning to build an extension, it is crucial to take into account the style of the surrounding area. This will, in turn, ensure that your extension blends seamlessly with the existing properties and does not stick out like an eye sore. For example, if you are living in a Victorian semi- or terraced house, a brick-built extension would be the most appropriate choice. Meanwhile, in the case of a more modern area, a glass-fronted extension might work out for the best. 

Considerations of local planning authority and regulations

It is also important to conduct extensive research into the building regulations and planning permissions that apply in the case of your municipality. There are sometimes covenant restrictions in some places as well. In that case, you may need to use specific traditional materials such as bricks and stones. 

Will you need to improve the structural integrity?

You need to take into account yet another important consideration. You need to thoroughly consider the structural integrity of the original building. A large extension can often encumber the entire structural integrity of the building. Sometimes, it may be required to put in place additional support walls to reinforce the structure of your home further. This way the pre-existing structure can better cope with the additional weight. 

The use of the new extension

When considering a new extension project, it is also necessary to take into account how the new space is going to be used. If you are planning to use the extension as a kitchen, you need to ensure that there is adequate space for all the necessary appliances. When you plan for a bedroom, you also need to ensure that there is enough space for a bed and other furniture. Depending on your use, you should keep space for the aesthetics and functionality of your new extension. 

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