This extensive refurbishment project sought to elevate an architecturally significant residence, seamlessly harmonising contemporary innovations with a profound respect for its intrinsic character. Our design ethos revolved around enhancing eco-performance without compromising the dwelling’s unique identity.

The Brief

Our Approach:

Our approach encompassed a meticulous blend of modern techniques, sustainability practices, and timeless architectural aesthetics. We embarked on this transformative journey with a deep reverence for the dwelling’s significance. Every design decision was made with the intent to celebrate and meet the highest contemporary standards of eco-efficiency.

Through innovative insulation, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable materials, we enhanced the dwelling’s eco-performance, making it not only more environmentally responsible but also more comfortable and cost-effective for its occupants. The result is a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, where history and innovation coexist. This refurbishment serves as a testament to the profound impact thoughtful design can have on our architectural heritage and the environment. It showcases the potential to rejuvenate and modernise, all while celebrating the character of a bygone era.

In our quest to elevate the thermal performance and architectural aesthetics of this building, we have employed a multifaceted approach that includes externally rendered insulation and the preservation of exquisite window details. The amalgamation of these techniques promises not only enhanced energy efficiency but also the preservation of the structure’s unique charm.

External insulation, applied to all elevations, acts as both a shield against temperature extremes and a canvas for innovative design. While it fortifies the building against heat loss, it simultaneously serves as a blank canvas for architectural expression, allowing for endless possibilities in façade finishes. The existing window details, a hallmark of the building’s character, remain untouched, acting as a testament to the seamless coexistence of tradition and modernity in our design philosophy.

Further elevating the building’s thermal performance, we have taken a forward-thinking approach to upgrade the solid walls and implement a new Zinc warm roof system. This intervention significantly enhances energy efficiency, keeping the interior climate comfortable while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. The Zinc warm roof adds an element of contemporary design flair, seamlessly blending into the building’s aesthetic while ensuring optimal insulation.

In this holistic architectural transformation, our commitment to sustainable and innovative design is evident. It showcases how advanced construction techniques can breathe new life into historic structures, making them more energy-efficient without sacrificing their architectural heritage.

Key Requests:

Our primary objective in this architectural endeavor is to preserve the existing character of the space while introducing thoughtful enhancements.

One notable transformation includes the conversion of the garage into an inviting snug room. This innovative adaptation adds functionality to the dwelling and repurposes underutilised space to create a cosy and comfortable retreat that seamlessly integrates with the original character.

Inside the house, we plan to reconfigure the layout, which includes a strategic reconfiguration of the bathroom and various internal works. These alterations aim to optimise the flow, usability, and spatial efficiency while preserving the architectural essence of the interior. It’s a delicate balance of maintaining the old-world charm while infusing a fresh, contemporary appeal.

Furthermore, a brand-new kitchen will be introduced as a focal point of the renovation. This space will exemplify modern design and functionality, seamlessly merging with the existing character while offering the latest conveniences and aesthetics.

Our design philosophy revolves around celebrating the past, embracing the present, and preparing for the future. This project exemplifies our commitment to architectural harmony and ingenuity.

The Outcome:

This captivating residence offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfectly tailored for harmonious family living.

Boasting a stunning design that seamlessly integrates with the picturesque natural surroundings, this home is a testament to architectural excellence. Its exterior is a testament to modern sophistication, complemented by the lush greenery of its enviable location.

Inside, you’ll find a space that radiates warmth and comfort, designed with the needs of a family in mind. The layout is meticulously crafted to promote a sense of togetherness and provide ample room for all family members to thrive.

Large windows invite an abundance of natural light, creating a bright and airy ambiance. The interplay of materials and colours throughout the interior design fosters a cosy yet contemporary feel. Every element has been thoughtfully selected to create a sanctuary where cherished family moments can be shared.

Front View

Rear View

Internal View