Renovation | Pulborough

The Brief:

The architectural transformation in question involved a rear extension that seamlessly integrates with the existing house, creating a harmonious and contemporary living space that bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors.

In our approach to this project, we employed a design philosophy that was rooted in subtlety and sophistication. The extension, while distinctly modern, was executed in a manner that complements the original structure, respecting the home’s architectural heritage. This union of old and new provides a sense of continuity and elegance.

Our use of a neutral colour palette serves as a canvas upon which the surrounding natural beauty can be showcased. With a sophisticated interplay of muted tones, the interior of the extension not only exudes tranquillity but also creates a seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor.

To further blur the lines between the inside and outside, we incorporated green upholstery and indoor planting. These elements evoke a sense of nature within the living space, connecting the residents with the outdoors in an organic and aesthetically pleasing way. The lush greenery and the calming hues of the upholstery combine to create an environment that is both inviting and refreshing.

This project embodies our commitment to architectural synergy, where modern design embraces the existing charm and nature is an integral part of the living experience.

Exterior view of a newly renovated house, showcasing contemporary design and pristine landscaping.

The Brief

Our architectural vision for this project revolved around two key goals: expanding the open-plan living area that encompasses the kitchen and dining room while maximising the breathtaking views of the surrounding field. The second objective was to craft a separate utility space, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

In pursuit of our first goal, we prioritised the creation of a bright and airy open-plan living space. By strategically opening up the interiors and incorporating large, panoramic windows, we bathed the area in natural light. The result is a room that not only provides expansive views of the picturesque field but also exudes an atmosphere of spaciousness, warmth, and comfort.

To achieve the second objective, we introduced a separate utility space designed for optimal functionality. This addition ensures that daily household tasks are streamlined and organised, keeping the primary living areas uncluttered and visually serene.

In the end, our design approach for this project harmoniously blends the breathtaking outdoors with a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior. The open-plan living area embodies a sense of expansiveness and illumination, while the dedicated utility space offers practicality and order. This architectural transformation seamlessly marries form and function, creating a home that is both visually captivating and highly efficient.

This project presented a set of intriguing challenges, the foremost being the delicate balance between creating height and volume while maintaining a profound respect for the seamless transition between the existing roof line and the new extension.

Our design philosophy revolves around the idea of harmonious integration. To address the challenge of height and volume, we approached the new extension with a keen understanding of the existing structure’s character and proportions. Our goal was to ensure that the addition didn’t overwhelm the original building but rather enhanced its architectural identity.

To maintain the continuity of the roofline, we employed innovative design solutions. We carefully blended the old with the new, using materials, colours, and architectural elements that seamlessly united the two sections. The result is a captivating space that boasts increased height and volume without sacrificing the visual cohesiveness of the entire structure.

The challenges faced during this project fuelled our commitment to thoughtful design. The successful outcome showcases how architectural innovation can elevate a building’s aesthetics while preserving its heritage. It stands as a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that are not only functional but also respectful of their architectural context.

Exterior view of a newly renovated house with modern architectural design and lush garden.
Interior view of a newly renovated dining room with contemporary decor and natural light.
Interior view of a newly renovated dining room with a log burner, contemporary furnishings, and natural light.
Interior view of a newly renovated utility room with modern appliances and efficient storage.
Client Priorities:
A Modern, Clean Look to Complement a Modern Country-Style Home

At the heart of our architectural vision for this project lay the client’s key priorities: a modern, clean aesthetic that seamlessly harmonised with the existing modern country-style home.

To bring this vision to life, we embarked on a design journey rooted in contemporary sensibilities. The essence of modernity was skilfully interwoven with the charm of country-style living. Clean lines, minimalistic design elements, and a focus on functional simplicity were at the forefront.

Our team paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each element contributed to the desired modern aesthetic. From the choice of materials to the colour palette, every decision was guided by the goal of achieving a clean, uncluttered appearance that radiated a timeless contemporary appeal.

While embracing modernity, we remained steadfast in our commitment to complementing the existing country-style home. The resulting design captures the essence of a contemporary lifestyle while paying homage to the rural surroundings. It’s a balanced, cohesive blend that strikes the perfect chord between the traditional and the cutting-edge.

The client’s priorities were at the forefront of our creative process, resulting in a design that resonates with modernity, cleanliness, and a profound appreciation for the character of a modern country-style home. This project is a testament to our ability to transform visions into architectural reality.

The Outcome:

The outcome of this architectural project is a breathtaking testament to the successful fusion of modern elegance with the inherent charm of a country-style home. It beautifully reflects the client’s priorities and aspirations, achieving a harmonious balance that is both inviting and sophisticated.

The new design exudes a modern, clean look while seamlessly complementing the existing country-style residence. The exterior facade showcases a blend of materials and textures that evoke a sense of contemporary refinement, while maintaining a connection to the rural surroundings. Crisp lines and a carefully selected colour palette further accentuate the clean and timeless aesthetic.

As you step inside, the interior spaces reveal a wealth of open, well-lit areas that enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The minimalist design approach is apparent in the uncluttered layout and the functional simplicity of the living spaces. Modern fixtures and furnishings seamlessly integrate with the traditional country-style elements, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

This transformation doesn’t just provide a fresh and contemporary living environment but also respects and preserves the home’s rural character. It’s a remarkable blend of the best of both worlds, creating a dwelling that is a true reflection of the client’s priorities and a source of pride and comfort for the homeowners.

Rear View