House Extension | Rottingdean

“Darryl is a personable, professional architect with the ability to produce your vision. He has great ideas and is a pleasure to work with. I would definitely work with him again and recommend 100%.”

The Brief


Our client is seeking a contemporary extension that offers stunning views of the Sussex National South Downs and the English Channel. The project requires high-end design and construction, with an emphasis on modern aesthetics, natural light, and ample space for entertainment and relaxation. The extension must seamlessly blend with the existing structure and reflect the client’s unique personality and preferences. As an experienced Architectural Design firm, we are committed to delivering a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space that incorporates the latest design trends and materials. Our expertise in high-end design and construction ensures that the client’s vision will be brought to life with exceptional quality and attention to detail.


During the project, we encountered challenges in implementing the client’s vision of having a gable end in glass. To achieve this, we had to vault the interior roof, which required close collaboration with the structural engineer to ensure the structural integrity of the building. While this posed some challenges, it also added an additional dimension to the internal space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. With careful planning, execution, and attention to detail, we were able to successfully deliver a unique and functional living space that met the client’s requirements and exceeded their expectations.

Key Requests

The design must prioritise optimising views to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the living space. Additionally, it must be functional and practical to serve as a family home, accommodating the needs of all family members. As an experienced Architectural Design firm, we specialise in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing living spaces that incorporate the latest design trends and materials.

The Outcome

Our project resulted in a home with numerous bespoke features, including oak flooring and solid oak doors, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication. The designer radiators in the living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom are not only functional but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the living space. The white Venetian blinds provide an instant feeling of class and elegance, while the bespoke oak and glass staircase leads to a large open gallery landing, complete with a seating area and doors that open onto the south-facing garden. The end result is a functional, stylish, and inviting living space.