Rear Extension – Worthing

Client Review: “Extremely professional and highly recommended. We will definitely use again for future projects.”

The Brief

The Brief

The client envisioned a transformation for their outdated conservatory, seeking a fresh, contemporary extension that could be utilized throughout the year. Additionally, they requested a sophisticated loft addition, complete with a gable end, to establish a spacious master bedroom featuring an elegant ensuite. This project aimed to harmoniously blend practicality with modern design, tailored to the client’s specific desires.


The client’s aspiration was a refined contemporary design characterised by immaculate lines, seamless integration of hidden gutters, and an extensive use of glazing. This sought-after aesthetic aimed to captivate while providing an immersive, light-filled living experience. Our objective was to carefully blend these elements, creating a visually striking and functional space that reflects the client’s taste and aligns with modern Architectural trends.


Our client had a clear vision for their extension: a space flooded with natural light that could stay warm during winter and cool throughout summer. But there was one obstacle to overcome—a structural post standing between the beautiful bi-folding doors.

We’re dedicated to crafting a space that embodies flawless design, functionality, and year-round comfort. Welcome to an Architectural gem tailored for every season!

Key Requests

Our client had three main desires for their dream space:

  • A spacious, open-concept kitchen and dining area perfect for entertaining.
  • An airy, light-filled atmosphere to elevate their living experience.
  • A seamless connection between the extension and the garden, blending indoor and outdoor living.

We’re here to craft this architectural masterpiece, creating the ultimate haven that combines style, comfort, and a love for nature.

The Outcome

A stunning contemporary extension, tailor-made for a family seeking a versatile space they can enjoy all year round. This modern marvel transforms the way you can live, adapting to the changing seasons while providing a perfect setting for cherished memories.

As the warm summer breeze drifts in, the glass-fronted bi-fold doors effortlessly glide open, inviting the outdoors in. With flush threshold access, the patio becomes an extension of the living area, perfect for al fresco dining and leisurely afternoons spent basking in the sun.

But the magic doesn’t end there! This Architectural gem features a striking water feature that adds a touch of tranquility to your outdoor haven. Paired with sleek external cladding and new windows, the design exudes sophistication and timeless elegance.


Key features of this exceptional extension include:

  • Ingenious use of space: The open plan layout maximises every inch, creating a sense of flow and togetherness, perfect for family bonding and entertaining guests.


  • Glass-fronted bi-fold doors on two sides: These eye-catching doors not only allow for uninterrupted garden views but also create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.


  • Contemporary, slick design: A true testament to modern architectural finesse, the extension’s clean lines, and minimalist aesthetic make a bold statement that will captivate all who enter.


Transform your living space with this brilliant contemporary extension, designed to enhance your family’s lifestyle and create a home that truly reflects your unique taste and vision.